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www.dge1.tn.nic.in: TN SSLC 10th Results 2016

Chennai: After eagerly waiting for over a their results will be known by class 10 students in the state board by Wednesday. The Directorate of Government Examinations will declare the results at 9.31 am Wednesday.

Over 11 lakh students appeared for the examination ran from March 15 to April 13. Pupils can understand their results from following websites www.tnresults.nic.in, www.dge1.tn.nic.in result , www.dge2.tn.nic.in.

After entering the register number and date of birth students can see
their marks, a release said. Pupils also can know their results within their schools, district collector’s offices and all central and branch libraries.

Those who desires to apply for e-totalling in their answer sheets can do
From May 25 through their schools to May 28. They also may also download the provisional mark sheets in the www.dge.tn.nic.in site from June 1.

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Stephen Hawkings IQ Test, Quotes, Science Theory

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Stephen Hawking is regarded as one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists in history. His work in the Big Bang to black holes, on structure and the sources of the universe, has revolutionized the discipline, while his best-selling books have appealed. In this simple biography, we look at vocation and Hawking’s education — ranging to the popular books he’s composed — and the disorder that’s robbed him of speech and freedom from his discoveries.

A life that is challenging

He attended University College, Oxford, where he studied physics, despite his father's encouraging to focus on medicine. Hawking went on to Cambridge to research the study of the universe as a whole, cosmology.

In early 1963, just shy of his 21st birthday, Hawking was diagnosed with motor neuron disease, more often called Lou Gehrig's disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). More than two years he was not expected to live. Completing his doctorate didn't seem likely. Yet, Hawking defied the odds, not only reaching his Ph.D. but also forging new roads into the comprehension of the universe in the decades since.

As the disease spread, Hawking became mobile and started using a wheelchair. Discussing grew more demanding and, in 1985, an emergency caused his total loss of language. A language-generating device assembled at Cambridge, joined with a software program, functions as his electronic voice today, letting Hawking to pick his words by moving the muscles.

Only before his identification, Hawking met with Jane Wilde, and the two were married in 1965. The couple had three children before separating. Hawking remarried in 1995 but divorced in 2006.

A mind that is brilliant

Hawking continued after his graduation, serving as a research fellow and later as a professional fellow. In 1974, he was inducted into the Royal Society, a world-wide fellowship of scientists. In 1979, he was appointed Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge, the most renowned academic chair on the planet (the second holder was Sir Isaac Newton, also an associate of the Royal Society.

Hawking examined the basic laws governing the universe. He proposed that, since the universe boasts a beginning — the Big Bang — it probably will have an ending. He demonstrated that Albert Einstein's Theory of General Relativity suggests that time and space commenced at the arrival of the universe and ends within black holes, which implies that quantum theory and Einstein's theory must be linked.

Using the two theories together, Hawking also discovered that black holes aren't absolutely silent but rather emit radiation. He predicted that, following the Big Bang, black holes as tiny as protons were created, regulated by both general relativity and quantum mechanics.

In 2014, Hawking revised his theory, even writing that " there aren't any black holes" — at least, in just how that cosmologists traditionally understand them. Instead, he proposed that there would be an "apparent horizon" that would change according to quantum changes within the black hole. But the theory remains controversial. 

Hawking also proposed that the universe itself has no border, much like the Planet Earth. Although the planet is limited, one can travel around it (and through the universe) infinitely, never striking a wall that would be described as the "ending."

Hawking’s books

His first book, "A Brief History of Time" (10th anniversary edition: Bantam, 1998) was first released in 1988 and became an international best seller. In it, Hawking aimed to convey questions about death and the birth of the universe.

Since that time, Hawking has gone on to compose other nonfiction publications geared toward nonscientists. 

An educational miniseries titled “Stephen Hawking's Universe were presented by pBS.

A film based on Hawking's life was released. Called "The Theory of Everything," the film brought compliments from Hawking, who said it made him reflect on his own life. "Although I'm severely disabled, I've been successful in my scientific work," Hawking wrote on Facebook in November 2014. "I travel widely and have now been to Antarctica and Easter Island, down in a sub and up on a zero-gravity flight. One day, I hope to go into space."

Stephen Hawking quotations

Hawking’s quotes vary from notable to poetic to contentious. Among them:

  • "All of my life, I have been fascinated by the big questions that face us, and have tried to find scientific answers to them. If, like me, you have looked at the stars, and tried to make sense of what you see, you too have started to wonder what makes the universe exist." 
  • "Science predicts that many different kinds of universe will be spontaneously created out of nothing. It is a matter of chance which we are in." 
  • "The whole history of science has been the gradual realization that events do not happen in an arbitrary manner, but that they reflect a certain underlying order, which may or may not be divinely inspired. " 
  • "We should seek the greatest value of our action." 
  • "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge." 
  • "Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." 
  • "It is not clear that intelligence has any long-term survival value. " 
  • "One cannot really argue with a mathematical theorem." 
  • "It is a waste of time to be angry about my disability. One has to get on with life and I haven't done badly. People won't have time for you if you are always angry or complaining."

A list of Hawking quotes would not be complete without mentioning some of his more controversial statements.

He has said people must leave Earth if we want to live: "it'll be difficult enough to avoid disaster in another hundred years, let alone the next thousand or million. … Our only chance of long term survival isn't to remain inward-appearing on planet Earth, but to spread out into space."

He's also said time travel should be possible, and that we should explore space for the romance of it: "Science is not only a disciple of cause, but, additionally, one of romanticism and fire."

Hawking also waded into the topic of religion with this doozie: "I regard the mind as a computer which will cease operating when its parts fail. … There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people frightened of the dark."

Early Life and Education

Born on 8 January 1942 to some biologist father, Hawking had two younger sisters. He was an average student at school, deeply interested in science. He got a degree in physics from the University College, Oxford after winning a scholarship in natural sciences. Thereafter, Hawking additionally studied astronomy and cosmology at Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

Stephen Hawkings IQ Test Marks (Intellgent Quotient) 

Stephen Hawkings brain recorded an IQ of 154. Which is higher than most of us. Well, We are really thankful to have such a great person! Stephen Hawkings IQ score made many people shocked!

Contributions and Accomplishments

In his early days at Cambridge, Hawking was diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a motor neuron disease in which the nerves controlling the muscles become inactive while the sensory nerves operate normally. Because of this condition that is continual, it usually takes him to devise a 45 minute lecture.

Hawking is understood for furthering Einstein’s theory of general relativity. He has about twelve honorary degrees. Given the CBE in 1982, he became a Companion of Honour in 1989. He received medals, numerous awards and compliments. Hawking is also a Member of the US National Academy of Sciences and a Fellow of The Royal Society. He was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009.

Stephen Hawking is working since 1979 as the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, a place once held by Sir Isaac Newton. Arguably the most famous scientist alive today, he's considered a living legend for his impressive contributions to quantum physics.

An extremely successful active lecturer and author, Hawking makes use of an adaptive communication system referred to as Equalizer to combat ALS. It involves a speech synthesizer. Using the Equalizer, he has authored several scientific papers and a book and lectures, though he is not incapable of talking at a mere rate of 15 words per minute.

Hawking’s 1988 publication “A Brief History of Time” fast became an immediate bestseller and was translated into 30 languages. His 2001 book “The Universe in a Nutshell” is hailed as a masterpiece in the history of modern physics.

Private Life

Stephen Hawking got married in 1965, to Jane Wilde, a language student, and collectively they have three kids and one grandchild.

The couple got separated in 1991. As of 2009 Hawking has been nearly totally paralyzed.

Video on: Stephen Hawkings


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How To Download PCSX 2 BIOS Files

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Activate Internet Banking in SBI

Hey there hi and welcome to my website, have you been searching for terms like the best way to activate something like this or Internet banking in SBI? And if yes you've been landed on the appropriate post in this post I'm going to reveal you ways to activate Internet banking in SBI. And internet banking is a must have matter if you need to unlien and lien funds.

Therefore let me not waste your valuable time and I want to show you tips on how to get the internet banking service on your own SBI account.

Activate Internet Banking in SBI

So I'm coming to the stage and showing you how internet banking can be activated by you but before I go deep inside the post I want to show you the measures which are included in this process.Measures required to activate internet banking, So the measures called for are like this.

  • Submitting application account.
  • Receiving of your Username and password through courier of your internet banking service.
  • And at last logging in into your account for the very first time.
  • Now I would like to describe these measures in brief for you.
  • First you should download the internet banking application form and fill the form with pencil and you must take a print from that where you hold you savings bank account and submit that to the division. 
  • To download the application form download the form and go to SBI web banking program
  • After the entry of the form in your SBI division it may take up to get activated and after 2 weeks of time you're going to get a courier from SBI in which you'll get your internet banking password and username.
  • And the last step will be to login into your SBI internet banking account.
  • So this were the measures which are mixed up in procedure after you get the courier from your bank to activate internet banking savings account I am going to show you how you are able to login into your internet banking account.
  • After you receive the courier from your bank by which you will end up getting your internet banking user name and password, follow the below mentioned measures into your account to login.
  • First of all go to On-Line SBI web site that's the portal on your login into your account.
  • After you start the On-Line SBI web site you'll be able to see “Personal Banking” close and there which you can get a button. For reference see this picture below.
  • Snap on login.
  • You'll be redirected to another page where you are going to acquire some general instruction regarding logging in into your account when you click on “Login”. Read them. 
  • And click on “Continue for additional information, to login” see the picture attached below.
  • You may see a display something like this revealed below after snapping on “Continue to login”.
  • Input username and password.
  • And you happen to be done with it, you finished the procedure to activate internet banking in logging and SBI in for the very first time.
  • For more in-depth advice regarding the best way to login into SBI this video is referred by internet banking.

This finishes the guide to activate Internet Banking in SBI”.

So this was how to activate the procedure for logging and internet banking in SBI in into your account for the very first time. In doing this hope I helped you. And if you believe you need more guidance then contact SBI customer attention. Stay tuned with my site to get more things regarding SBI. Thanks for reading.

Access Facebook When You are at School, College, Office

Did you try and open Facebook when blocked in office, college or school? Typically, you ca’t! That happens because the network admin blocks Facebook behind some firewall thereby keeping people. Some techniques must have attempted to open Facebook when it is blocked by the administrator, if you're Facebook hooked like me. And, I’m convinced that you get some efforts that are unsuccessful.


Here are some tricks by which it is possible to get from a fire on Facebook -walled network. Consequently, we ca’t give you any special alternative to get access. But, you test which works for you and can attempt these methods one by one.

1. Access or Log into Facebook using servers Open

Every web site have a special IP address(*). When you browse any website by typing the web site URL, your computer attempts to match the URL name with its IP address by contacting the DNS server.

DNS server is a computer, enrolled with the network which keeps the information of all the sites and similar IP addresses. So, any one can block the IP address in DNS server to prevent access of an internet site.

In a common server, same IP address is shared by greater than one site. But the large and popular sites like Facebook, Orkut etc. do have their own unique IP’s.

Some time the Facebook.Com is blocked at your school or office because the administrator has blocked it from the DNS server. In this type of case, you'll be able to use different DNS servers like Google Public DNS Server or OpenDNS Server to get on Facebook if it’s been blocked by the admin.

For the Windows user:

Visit Control Panel ">> Network and Internet Connections ">> Network Connections and.
Right-click on the connection status icon which you are using to access internet.
Place any one of these values in the DNS Server address:
OpenDNS Server address:,
Google DNS Server address:,
Make sure office or your institution isn't using precisely the same DNS which you’re going to use. You are able to enter the Facebook, after you change the DNS Server.

2. Open Facebook when blocked using IP address

Sometime the computer admin can edit the hosts file to block Facebook. He/she adds the block list in host file and the site domain name. By the IP address as an alternative to the domain address, you're able to get access if that's the case. Setting the IP address in your browser directly, will avoid the obstacle in the host file. It's possible for you to obtain the IP address by pinging Facebook.com out of your computer.

The Run command box opens. Set the following command and hit Enter.


Frequently, chances are the command prompt is disabled for the current user. If that's the case, get the Facebook address from this web tool. Once you go to that website, just sort facebook.com at where they request to set it and click Get IP.


The Linux and MAC user can use the ping command to get the IP address.

3. Use Shortened URLs to get sites that are blocked

For you, the website URL may be prohibited in many scenarios. In this type of case, you can use an URL that is shortened to avoid the blocking system.

4. Access Facebook when blocked by the system administrator using Proxy Websites,

But typically, the proxy sites will also be blocked in faculties, your school or office. Hence this tricks may not seem much. But you can attempt to find some proxy sites that are unblocked out.

Create Your Own Proxy Website using Google App Engine to Open Blocked Facebook and Avert Third party Proxy Websites

You are able to create your own proxy website. What you need to have for this purpose is a web server. Follow this video tutorial by amit Agarwal which will guide you through how to create your own proxy server. Here, you'll be able to learn just how to use Google App Engine to create a proxy website in the event you do not have any web server that is personal. Merely follow the video tutorial to create & run your own proxy by taking advantage of Google App Engine.

Of getting blocked by your system admin chances are less as it has an unique id.
You are able to trust its configurations and your own server.

5. Open Facebook through Proxy servers that are Bonded

Using a bonded-web proxy sites is the simplest and safest Facebook to open if blocked. It safely lets you browse any website you want. But, not all the bonded proxy would work with Facebook as they're not optimized fo it. One of the bunch of the working proxies, I located www.securitales.com as the best.

However, if you do’t desire to spend your cent only for the Facebook, you may give a try to the following free proxy services.


Assemble own proxy server using Google App to unblock Facebook get instead and open it from any place.

6. Remain connected with Facebook from your e-mail account

Facebook enables you to pick which updates would you need to get as telling in your e-mail account. After that you can assess the activities, after you set your account to get notifications in your email account. Log-in to your own Facebook account and visit Account ">> Account Settings.


In the Notification tab, you can handle your notifications preferences. They will be sent to your e-mail id, once you setup. Only open it, click the link which indicates the substitute for answer the message, whenever you get that message in your inbox. You're done!

7. Browse Facebook cellular version through Opera Mini browser

If nothing of the above works for you, try the mobile version of the web site if blocked by a network barrier to access Facebook. Facebook has another internet address for the mobile variant. The network admins may forget to include the address that is mobile into the baring system. So if you should be lucky, you can browse Facebook with its mobile version.

You can use the Opera Mini browser to open Facebook in fire-walled network through its mobile variant.


You may also type http://m.facebook.com at your desktop browser to visit the Facebook cellular variant.


8. Use VPN for a safe access of any website

The best alternative if blocked by ISP or your network administrator to open Facebook is using a VPN. You can get on Facebook together with other websites you enjoy by utilizing a VPN. I found VPN as the greatest alternative and have researched on this. Give any VPN service an attempt to get Facebook from anywhere you enjoy.


The admins can employ various tricks to block Facebook in the network. So, we've added some workarounds before you play with the above tricks which you should strive with your system.

9. Check your system host file

The first thing that for breaking the firewall that is blocking you need to do is double-checking the system host file. The host file may be used to block any website easily.


Assess whether the name Facebook.Com is listed there. If yes, delete the whole line including the word Facebook.

The MAC users can reach to the host file from your terminal. To open terminal, navigate to Programs ">> Utility ">> Terminal and kind

into the command window. This will open the host file which should look like this:


Try to find any suspicious line which features ‘facebook’. Delete instantly, if you find such one and save the file. It's possible for you to save the changes by pressing the [Command] [O] key combination.

Restart the system once you edit the host file and remove the lines that are blocking and try to open Facebook from your browser address bar.

10. Assess for suspicious process at system task manager

If none of the preceding works for you, look into your system task manager. Terminate the process which don't have any relationship with your system. Seldom, your system is denied by the Facebook if it is infected with virus or malware.

The above methods may not work, if the network admin is experienced enough and reach ca be ’ted by you . Are you experiencing some other idea to open Facebook when it is blocked ISP or by the network admin? Do share.

Note: This tutorial was written depending on various experiments and implementations. Some time some methods may or may not work for you.

Activate International Roaming In Vodafone

The Way To Activate International Roaming In Vodafone: If yes you have been landed on the webpage that was appropriate. Because in this post of mine i am going to tell you how you can activate international roaming in Vodafone, so that you could be constantly linked with your loved once while roaming the world. In this article I will be telling you how you can activate vodafone international roaming for both prepaid and postpaid Vodafone connections.

Here is the way to activate international roaming

I would like to provide you with the links of some of these posts that may be help full to you personally and here are those do you understand the best way to understand your own mobile number? if you do’t then assess that. Also read the way you can request for balance and you may have to transfer your balance frequently if you are using a prepaid Vodafone connection.

So these were some of the related posts but not these I 've many over here Telecom category after they can be read by you. Now let us come to the stage and show you to activate international roaming in Vodafone as you are able to get that activated on your Vodafone connection. But before that let's know few things about Vodafone international roaming.

What is International Roaming in Vodafone?

International roaming in Vodafone is nothing but when you may be out of India in any of the other nation across the world when you're out of your state where your Vodafone SIM was bought you can use your SIM because country as well. It really is just like local roaming but the only change is you'll be on roaming in other nation. Maybe you are thing how this works correct? do’t stress I 'll let you know about that.

How activating International roaming in works that are Vodafone?

Vodafone operates in almost all the countries of the world so while you are in other country where Vodafone is managing you will be on Vodafone network and if you're in certainly one of the state where Vodafone is not operating then you'll be on the network of among the network operator who is partner of Vodafone. This is how international roaming works Vodafone runs in 21 states and it's network associate in 40 states. If you want to learn more about Vodafone check here. Lets begin and check “How to activate International roaming in Vodafone".

This includes two measures and the steps are as follows.

When you are roaming in other nations you have to switch your network state after you activate international roaming bundle on your Vodafone connection now. And this really is the final step that you should perform to join a network as you are roaming in other country. And to do follow my steps.

  • Open your phone if it's locked.
  • Go to menu of your phone and select “Vodafone Services” alternative.
  • After you pick “Vodafone services” from the menu you'll see a list of options over there.
  • How to activate international roaming in vodafone
  • Select “International Roaming”.
  • Scroll down and tap of “International Roaming” which is the last alternative in the menu.
  • When “International roaming” it is possible to see two options is selected by you there is “Vodafone IN” which is our home network and the second choice is “International”.
  • The way to activate international roaming in vodafone
  • Select “International”.
  • Now pick “International”.
  • And you happen to be done.
  • After you choose “International” restart your telephone and your telephone will automatically connects to the accessible network in the country you're roaming.

On activating international roaming my conclusion

So this was “How to activate international roaming in Vodafone”. But be sure you do’t perform any of these two measures without contacting customer attention that is Vodafone simply shown above call before you perform these steps to 121. Hope I helped you and if so do’t forget to comment below and also share this article on your own societal profiles. This completes to activate international roaming. Stay tuned for more things like this.